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Where to observe in the Antelope Valley?  Directions to the AVAC Club's Observing Sites with Clear Sky Clocks and detailed maps.

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Mt. Pinos, CA, Clear Sky Clock

Located at 8600 ft on top of Mt. Pinos, West of Frazier Park, CA. (One of my favorite places for observing and amateur astronomy socializing, philosophizing and learning)  70 miles west from Lancaster, temperatures are at least 30 degrees lower than Lancaster.

Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA, Clear Sky Clock

Frequent wind in the afternoon.  Good horizon, fairly safe location.  Pay the overnight fees and keep a receipt - help sponsor our State Parks!  60 miles north from Lancaster.  The temperature is 10 degrees lower than Lancaster.

Saddleback Butte, CA, Clear Sky Clock

20 miles east from Lancaster.  Temperature 10 degrees lower than Lancaster.

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