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The Moon
Earth-Sun Distance

Africa and the Middle East from Apollo


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Planet Profile

Mass (kg)                                                    5.98 x 10^24

Diameter (km)                                                     12756

Mean density (kg/m^3)                                           5520

Escape velocity (m/sec)                                       11200

Average distance from Sun (AU)                                   1

Rotation period (length of day in Earth hours)         23.93

Revolution period (length of year in Earth days)    365.26

Obliquity (tilt of axis in degrees)                             23.4

Orbit inclination (degrees)                                          0

Orbit eccentricity (deviation from circular)            0.017

Mean surface temperature (K)                                   281

Maximum surface temperature (K)                             310

Minimum surface temperature (K)                             260

Visual geometric albedo (reflectivity)                        0.39

Highest point on surface:     Mount Everest (over 8 km above sea-level)

Atmospheric components:    78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon

Surface materials                Basaltic and granitic rock and altered materials