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Not really wanting to hoist the mirror box of my 18" Obsession into the back of my Honda Minivan, I ordered some ramp ends...

Loading ramps for your Obsession--Call Northern Supply 800-533-5545. This is a mail order catalog outfit that sells ramp kits. The ramp kits are inexpensive, easily attached to ordinary wood planks, and lap over the loading edge of your trailer or vehicle. They also sell collapsible ramps.

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I have had a request for more information on the ramps I made, so I have tried to document the design / construction choices I made in the information below.

First buy the end kits. Then I would recommend 10 inches of ramp length for each 3 inches of height you are trying to reach. My ramps are 72 inches long (finished size) to to allow easy loading of my mirror box up into my Honda Accord minivan with a rear deck height of 21.5"

Recommended ramp lengths from my ramp kit manufacturer are listed below:

Ramp Height (ft)

Plank Length (ft)

1' - 0"

3' - 10"

1' - 2"

4' - 6"

1' - 4"

5' - 2"

1' - 6"

5' - 10"

1' - 8"

7' - 1"

1' - 10"

7' - 9"

2' - 0"

8' - 4"

2' - 2"

9' - 0"

2' - 4"

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