Biographies of Famous Astronomers.

The list is of my personal favorites, but if there are any others that you'd like to see, just do a search for them from the home page and I'll try to include them. 

Edward Emerson Barnard
bulletEdward Emerson Barnard

Johann Bode
bulletJohann Bode
bulletJohann Elert Bode

George E. Hale
bulletGeorge Ellory Hale

Sir William Herschel
bullet Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel, better known as Sir William Herschel

Edwin Hubble
bulletEdwin Hubble

Henrietta Leavitt
bulletHenrietta Leavitt

Maria Mitchell
bulletBiography of Maria Mitchell
bulletMaria Mitchell Organization

Giuseppe Piazzi

bulletGiuseppe Piazzi

Edward Charles Pickering

bulletEdward Charles Pickering 1
bulletEdward Charles Pickering 2

Claudius Ptolemly (Claudius Ptolemaeus, Ptolomaeus, Klaudios Ptolemaios, Ptolemeus)

bulletPtolemy Biography 1
bulletPtolemy Biography 2

Harlow Shapely
bulletHarlow Shapely
bulletDetermining the Size of the Universe

Charles T. Yerkes
bulletCharles Tyson Yerkes