Amateur Telescope Making

A group of four AVAC members have gotten together and signed up with the famous John Dobson to learn how to make a telescope from scratch.  We're all amateurs but we've had a great time learning how to grind mirrors.  John has a unique style of teaching and I can heartily recommend this experience to any amateur astronomer!!


June, 2002

Matt Leone has decided to make a 24" mirror!  This mirror is worthy of some serious respect.  The plan is to have many of the Club members take part in its grinding and polishing.  The grinding will probably start this July and take 1 to 2 years. 


February 20, 2002

John Dobson and AVAC member Matt Leone discuss Matt's 13" mirror project.  Matt claims he will be able to whip Arny Schwartzenegger when whe's done with this mirror.
Club President Terry Pedroza gives CPR to his 6" mirror.
Me working on my 8" with John looking over my shoulder.  The mirror is on the top and the tool is on the bottom, so I'm still trying to "...dig a hole in the glass," according to John.  "It's a caveman's job, but it's got to be done," he says.  I'm also trying hard not to do too much of that "W" 'stuff'. :-)