RTMC Astronomy Expo 2009

May 22-24, 2009, Big Bear, California - YMCA Camp Oakes

In attendance were Doug Drake, Don Bryden and family, John and Rose Moore, Karole and Shane Barker, Steve and Kate Trotta + 3 kids,  Tom and Heather Varden, Darrell and Nick Bennett, Matt and Sue Leone & Michael, Bob Ayres, Duane, and myself.

This year's Club turnout was pretty good, but the economic downturn seemed to affect the number of vendors present at the show.  Nonetheless, everyone had a GREAT time and got lots of great deals.  Because the Moon was favorable to observing this year, we had solid opportunities to view through the latest telescopes and eyepieces.  I looked through the latest Ethos Eyepiece and came home with a small telescope that I will give as a Christmas present.

As you know the three days of fun are centered on all things astronomy related. There was a huge swap meet each day, followed by vendor sales from nearly every company involved with astronomy.

The seminars were excellent again this year and Alex McConahay asked me to be on a Q&A panel to field questions from attendees regarding how to improve Astronomy Clubs.  There were great ideas, and I learned as much as the people coming to hear us talk.

The organizers of RTMC made an announcement that RTMC will no longer be held on Memorial Day weekend, which is unfortunate, since that's typically the only time I can go.



The Antelope Valley Astronomy Club was proud to be a Silver Level Sponsor of the event.