Proposed 1st Annual AVAC Conference on Amateur Astronomy

Top Level Agenda

Time Event % Done Source Key Person(s)
8:00 Registration
8:30 Opening and Recognition

SESSION  I - Class Room

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
9:00 Introduction to the Night Sky Class Observing the Sun Advanced Filters
   "   Filters   How They Work
   "   Sunspots   Types
   "   Determining Period of Rotation   Quality / Cost
   "   Rise / Set Time    
   "     Advanced Observing Techniques
   " Star Hopping   Observing Plan
   "   Using Coordinates   Documentation
   "   Star Maps   Comfort / Convenience
   "   Tricks - Using RA, Etc.   Special Dark Adaptation Techniques
  "       Search Patterns
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
10:00 The Solar System Equipment Introduction to Astro-Imaging
  Sun   Types of Telescopes   Film
  Moon   Focal Length   CCD
  Planets   Quality    
  Eclipses   Cost Asteroid / Comet Detection
  Phases   Eyepieces   Visual Comparisons
  Meteors, Meteor Showers and Comets   1 1/4" vs. 2"   Electronic Comparisons
      Basic Filters    
    Q&A Forum    
      Observing Programs    
      Observing Locations    
      Vibration Dampening Techniques    
      Cleaning Optics    
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
11:00 Celestial Coordinate System Planetary Forum Spectroscopy
  Explanation of Right Ascension and Declination   Techniques   Purpose
  Explanation of Altitude and Azimuth   Contrast / Filters   Equipment
  Explanation of Celestial Sphere   Documentation   Purpose
      Observing Clubs and Certificates   Equipment
Star Party Ettiquete        
    Deep Sky Observing Future of Amateur Astronomy
      Techniques   Thin Mirrors
      Contrast / Filters   Adaptive Optics
      Documentation   Light Pollution
      Observing Clubs and Certificates    


12:00 Sack Lunch / Equipment Swap Meet

Session II - Expert Talks

Planetary Exploration . Geology
Extra-Solar Planet Detection
Stellar Lifespan
Light Control
AV College Astronomy Presentation
Jeremy Amarant Presentation
16:00 Mirror Making Demonstration
Rough Grinding Demonstration 40 Develop
Fine Grinding / Polishing / Silvering Discussion
Sidewalk Astronomers "How to Make a Telescope" 100
17:30 Barbecue Social
19:00 Telescope Setup
20:30 Star Party
0:00 Official Close

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